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Health & Training Tools

Health & Performance Training Tools:

Pulm-Max Pulmonary Lung Training


Pulmax™ (Revolutionary pulmonary specific training) Our original V-Pro Test research trials revealed a categorical pulmonary weakness and hypoxia in many high performing athletes. We investigated and now understand this greatly unrecognized phenomenon. As a result, we turned our attention to the research and development of a pulmonary training system. Pulmax is our performance training tool that showed scientifically significant gains in the pulmonary capacity and oxygen saturations, and more so, unprecedented athletic performance and endurance for these athletes.

VitalityPro's Health Age Assessment

Vitality Age Assessment

Vitality Age Assessment is an innovative physical exam which is dynamic and functional unlike the more static traditional medical examination. Much like the well known cardiac stress test (GXT) reveals more information than the doctor listening to your heart, the Vitality Age Evaluation can reveal to you, your trainer and doctor much needed information. The additional value of this evaluation is that it provides data in multiple categories of: cardiovascular, pulmonary, mobility, muscle fitness and body composition. As the client is guided through this interactive examination, results are scientifically calculated into the client’s health/physiologic age. We term this: “Vitality Age”. Vitality Ages range from 20 (best) to 80 (worst). The difference of… (Continue Reading »)

17 Hour Fast Book - by Dr. Frank Merritt and Phil White

17 Hour Fast™

17 Hour Fast, a fasting guideline engineered by VitalityPro, offers maximum benefits from a minimum fast which promotes an enriching mind, body and soul experience. Its minimum effective dose strategy harnesses powerful health and performance advantages of longer fasts while avoiding many of their pitfalls. Furthermore, the 17 Hour Fast is carefully synchronized and choreographed with diurnal/nocturnal hormone patterns, sleep hygiene and suggested training/recovery activities to create a potent combination for success. (Visit

VitalityPro's Myometrics Injury Prevention Training


Myometrics™ training uses synchrony of our newly engineered training techniques and modalities in combination with more traditional training to yield stronger myofascial units and joints (i.e. muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments) with more endurance, flexibility and balance. Additionally, myometric training reduces “overtraining” which is a leading cause of poor athletic performance and injury. Injury prevention is a key focus. Our health and performance training and camps are built upon the myometric philosophy.

Training Consultation and Integration

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