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Performance Training Tools

VitalityPro has used research along with years of collaboration with individual athletes, teams and athletic organizations to engineer ground breaking Performance Training Tools and programs giving unprecedented performance advantages. Real research, real results.

Performance Training Tools, Evaluation and Programs:


Performance Training Tools for College and Pro AthletesMyometrics™ field of performance physiology focused on precise scientific calculations of newly developed training modalities. Myometrics calculates number of repetitions, sets, sequence, recovery, combinations, inclusion and exclusion of select newly evolved training modalities in an engineered pattern. Myometric training yields greater results than traditional “one size fits all” training while at the same time reduces “overtraining” which is the leading cause of athletic poor performance, injury, and illness. Our Health Camps and Performance Training Tools are built upon the Myometric philosophy.

V-Pro™ Test

V-Pro™ Test (Individual athletic performance evaluation) Our athletic evaluation allows both athlete and coach to categorize each individual player’s strengths and weaknesses for more focused performance training. Categories include: Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Mobility, Muscle Fitness, and Body Composition.


SPORT™ (Specific Performance Objective Related Training) Every sport has its specific performance tasks, timing, exposure to overuse and injury. SPORT is training modalities engineered specific to the unique demands of each sport. example: “The Drive Program” for football.


Pulm-Max™ (Revolutionary pulmonary specific training) Our original V-Pro Test research trials revealed a categorical pulmonary weakness and hypoxia in many high performing athletes. We investigated and now understand this greatly unrecognized phenomenon. As a result, we turned our attention to the research and development of a pulmonary training system. Pulm-Max is our performance training tool that showed scientifically significant gains in the pulmonary capacity and oxygen saturations, and more so, unprecedented athletic performance and endurance for these athletes.

Performance Consultation and Integration

To know more about how to use and integrate these and other VitalityPro Performance Training Tools into your athletic organization or to contact us for individual or group training, coaching and consultation please complete and submit form below.