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Terms and Conditions (Including Privacy Policy)

VitalityPro, LLC provides general health, exercise and performance training. This training is not medical care nor is it intended to substitute for professional medical care. VitalityPro, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for damage or injury to person or property arising from its training. You agree to consult a physician before beginning this training program and perform a pre-participation physical and obtain “medical clearance” to participate. You attest that you have no health conditions (including pregnancy) nor used any substance including but not limited to: alcohol, illegal or banned substances, or “over the counter” or prescription medications which may preclude you from safe participation in a VitalityPro program. You will use your sole discretion regarding your level of participation. If you experience any ill effects or pain or discomfort while engaging in this or any exercise training program, you should immediately stop the program and seek immediate medical attention. Participating in any exercise program can pose some risk of injury. You assume all risks of injury arising from your participation of any VitalityPro, LLC exercise training program or instructions.

You understand that VitalityPro,LLC takes great measures to create and execute their training programs as safe as reasonably possible. You understand that any attempt to reproduce, reenact, or simulate any activities of VitalityPro training would exclude such safety measures. Therefore, you agree not to make any attempt to reproduce, reenact, or simulate any actual or perceived activities of VitalityPro programs or of its images or information on its websites or social media.
By agreeing to participate in any VitalityPro program, you agree that VitalityPro, LLC may collect necessary information including but not limited to: program results and personally identifying information voluntarily provided by you such as name, addresses and contact information. Such information shall be only used internally and will not be shared with third-parties unless required by law. You will not be named in any reports, publications or presentations that may come from the collection of this information. You further consent to allow VitalityPro, LLC to take and publish photographs from its programs which may include you and/or your likeness. You consent that VitalityPro, LLC, can collect and use information as set out above.
You recognize and honor the proprietary rights of VitalityPro, LLC, regarding the intellectual property of its programs. You agree not to make any attempt to compete, interfere, reproduce or make claim to any portion of the program which is the intellectual property of VitalityPro, LLC. You are allowed to address other persons or entities regarding participation and results from said VitalityPro programs. However all participants agree not to share any content of said VitalityPro programs. Any such communication of VitalityPro programs’ details is strictly prohibited.
VitalityPro, LLC makes no representations, claims or warranties regarding the use or the results of use, of any content, products or services offered, made available through, or otherwise related in any way to its training. Opinions, recommendations and statements expressed by third party trainers, guests, and participants are not endorsed by VitalityPro, LLC. Additionally, you agree to personally investigate and research any and all information expressed at or through VitalityPro programs and you shall solely determine if use of such information is beneficial to you. Therefore VitalityPro, LLC assumes no responsibility of your interpretation and use of such information.

VitalityPro, LLC cannot predict all weather, terrain and wildlife changes which can occur rapidly. In as much, VitalityPro, LLC shall not be responsible for damage or injury to person or property due to weather, terrain or wildlife hazards. VitalityPro, LLC shall act responsibly in such conditions which may include cancellation and/or early termination of camps. In such situations, participants accept the decision of VitalityPro, LLC as acting in their best interest and will be granted full reimbursement for cancellations and prorated reimbursements for early termination of VitalityPro camp fees only.

VitalityPro, LLC nor any of its agents and employees assume liability or responsibility for damage, injury or death to person or property. You acknowledge that you have carefully read and understand this waiver and release of liability. You expressly agree to release and discharge all parties of VitalityPro, LLC from any and all claims or causes of action. You voluntarily give up and irrevocably waive and release any right that you may have to bring a legal action against VitalityPro, LLC. You waive, release and discharge VitalityPro, LLC, and its shareholders, parent, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, franchisees and licensees, together with their respective affiliates, including the program administrator(s), owners/operators of this facility and its parent, from any and all claims or causes of action, on account of injury or death which may result from your participation in this program which is based on your sole discretion alone. This release shall be binding upon your heirs, assignees, executors, administrators and representatives.