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VitalityPro Age Evaluation

What is the purpose of our Health Age Test? The pursuit of premium health, like many of life’s endeavors, can appear daunting and insurmountable if pursued alone. Teaming up with a knowledgeable and experienced partner can make it safer, achievable, and fun.

VitalityPro Wants to Be Your Partner

VitalityPro’s partnership with our clients begins with a dedicated session with a certified health professional. First, the client is guided through VitalityPro’s interactive physical examination where results of each activity are recorded. These examination results are then processed to scientifically calculate our client’s health age relating to their wellness, performance, and ability to survive biological and physical stress. We term this health age the client’s “Vitality Age”.

Vitality Ages are categorized into: Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Mobility, Body Habitus, Muscle Fitness, and overall Vitality Age. Vitality Ages range from 20 (best) to 80 (worst).

Sample Vitality Health Age Test Results