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VitalityPro Publicly Releases “Nalu Breath”

Posted on by VitalityPro

After extensive use in it’s private training and camps, VitalityPro releases the much anticipated “Nalu Breath” to the public. Many have inquired after seeing images and videos on our and other website and social media posts. According to Dr. Merritt, “Research revealed that movement and breathing are weaker categorical scores of athletes and non-athletes alike. Therefore, we turned our attention to the research and development of the Nalu Breath which is a single modality which effectively trains both simultaneously.” Although the Nalu Breath will improve your movement and breathing head trainer Brandon Rager cautions, “Before attempting this you want to be cleared by your physician and make sure that you don’t have any head, neck and┬áback or other conditions that could prohibit your safe and successful use of the Nalu Breath.”

Establish stable headstand base with body weight being supported by your arms and shoulders and completely exhale.  Raise legs upward slowly and controlled while simultaneously completing a full nasal inhalation to achieve a headstand position.

Slowly lower legs with control while simultaneously completing a full mouth exhalation to a completely exhaled starting position.

Continue to desired effect.

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